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First, we want to congratulate you with the new BTC scooter. In this paragraph we want to inform you on our warranty procedure for all BTC  scooters purchased after 1 January 2015.

Warranty Procedure:

Factory warranty covers the vehicle parts on BTC  scooters maintained by an official BTC  dealer. The parts are provided under guarantee. The cost of labour is not included, unless agreed otherwise with your BTC dealer.

Warranty :

On purchasing an BTC vehicle, a standard 2 year warranty, with a maximum of 6.000 km, is provided.

From January 1st 2015 we give a 3 year warranty on the engine with a maximum of 12.000 km. The warranty is only available for the first owner and all maintenance must be done by an BTC  dealership. All the maintenance must be documented in the service book.

De warranty on the engine is only for the wear-resistant parts shown below.

3 year engine warranty: No 3 year warranty:
– Carburetor – Clutch
– Cylinder and piston – Bendix
– Cylinder head – Variator
– Intake manifold – V String
– Crankshaft
– Bearings of the gearbox
– Camshaft
– Oil pump
– Starter engine

 Maintenance schedule:

Your BTC  scooter should undergo maintenance at least once a year, or at the maximum riding kilometres, as shown below.

The maintenance must be done by a licensed BTC dealer.

– First maintenance 250 – 500 km
– Second maintenance 1.000 km
– Third maintenance 2.500 km
– Fourth maintenance 4.000 km
– Every next maintenance at 1.500 km

Warranty applies only to fabrication errors and on ‘non’ wear parts. The warranty part will be sent back to BTC  by your dealer. A new part will be sent back upon receiving the old one.

Parts ruled out for warranty are:

Batteries, tuned scooters or scooters which are repaired by the owner, breakage, transport damage, vehicles that have been used off-road, rust, bodywork, chrome parts and discoloration.

Warranty expires:

After improper use, after failing the required maintenance or damage due to riding without oil or insufficient oil, using the wrong oil or fuel. If your scooter is found not to be defective, the customer will be charged with the investigation costs. Warranty is only granted when the service book is completed and available.

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