About us

BTC scooters is a family business that’s for more than 10 years engaged in the import and export of mainly 50cc scooters and we are one of the largest importers in the Benelux. Our scooter line consists of scooters that are suitable for anyone who wants to ride a scooter. From sporty to retro, there’s a BTC scooter for everyone. Almost all parts are in stock and together with our selected dealers we are trying to assist you as a consumer as well as possible. Fast delivery and good aftersales come first.

With us quality, service and good prices are important! We ensure that all orders are delivered within a very short time, we can achieve this because we take care of our transport ourselves with our own truck and bus, all the parts that are ordered before 15.00 hours arrive the next day at your home. Scooters will always be delivered within 2 to 3 days. We intend to provide a good product with a good price and to increase brand awareness and distribution of our scooter brand in the Benelux. These scooters are ahead of their time because they already meet the most strict new emission requirements. We deliver these scooters therefore only with modern four-stroke engines.

We are currently working with an extensive dealer network throughout the Benelux, and in addition we are working with several B2B clients. We have a total of 4000 m2 available, so we can work out a large stock of approximately 3000 pieces.

Obviously we are recognized by the RDW and deliver the scooters according to our guarantee and delivery conditions.

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